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  • Case Review
  • Case Filing
  • Trademark Alert
  • Trademark Secured
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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  • Case Review
  • Case Preparation
  • Case Filing
  • Trademark Alert
  • Direct Hit Search
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Refusal Risk Meter
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  • Case Review
  • Case Preparation
  • Case Filing
  • Trademark Alert
  • Trademark Secured
  • Direct Hit Search
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Refusal Risk Meter
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Complete Documentation
  • Digital File
  • Dedicated Case Manager
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  • Case Review
  • Case Filing
  • Trademark Alert
  • Trademark Secured
  • Direct Hit Search
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Refusal Risk Meter
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Complete Documentation Digital File
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • 100% Approval Guarantee
  • Comprehensive Trademark Search Report (Federal & State)
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Our Workflow

Trademark Royalty has a streamlined work process for trademark application.
A dedicated team committed to securing your identity and safeguarding your business.


Research the uniqueness of your brand and check whether the brand is available for trademark or not. Identify your brand’s strengths and safeguard your identity.


Once you’ve done adequate research, we’ll fulfil all the formalities and submit your application with the USPTO for filing a trademark. Start the filing process at $39 today.

Registration and Enforcements

Once you are onboard with successful trademark registration, regularly monitor the trademark for any infringements while taking necessary actions to enforce your rights.


To ensure long-term protection and validity, regularly maintain your trademark and make sure to renew it at the end of the specified period. Our team of professionals help you at every step.

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risk threat

Your Brand Identity is at Risk

You need to focus on registering your trademark in the first instance.

Your hard-earned success is in jeopardy

  • You must start from zero again
  • You need to redefine your brand name
  • Your brand name can no longer be trademarked
  • You cannot expand your business
  • You might lose customers

Your Brand is Susceptible

  • You might be a victim of brand identity theft
  • Your domain name might be taken by anyone
  • Anyone can do business with your name
  • Customers will sway away and you will face losses

Your Business is at Risk

  • You might face financial loss
  • If you are using someone else’s trademark without their knowledge, you can be liable for financial damages by law.
  • Without trademark registration, you are risking all investments and shareholders
  • You might face lawsuits from different stakeholders

Why risk your entire business when you can get trademark protection at an affordable price?


Hear from our Client’s Experiences

“The process was very smooth and seamless. I just had to provide the relevant and necessary information, and Trademark Royalty handled all the other stuff. I am very satisfied with their services”

Marketing Head

Olivia Grace

“Trademark Royalty helped me at every step of my trademark registration process. The team at Trademark Royalty is highly professional and supportive, giving me proper updates and the best advice to get my trademark registered”


Ryan Anthony

“Apart from their services, the factor which makes them distinct is their pricing. I was skeptical at first regarding their claim of no hidden fee but actually, they charged a fixed price with no hidden fee and I was very pleased. Kudos to the Trademark Royalty team”

Marketing Director

David Walker

“The team is highly knowledgeable and professional at Trademark Royalty exceeding all my expectations with their top-quality services. The registration went smoothly and I am very happy. Would highly recommend them”


Evan Michael Brown

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Get Your Business Trademarked Today

Trademark Royalty is a certified platform for trademark registration. Connect with the best trademark attorneys at Trademark Royalty to register your business in a few easy steps. Don’t risk your business; safeguard yourself from infringement and financial losses. Become the official and legal owner of your business and enhance your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

At Trademark Loyalty, a certified and licensed U.S. trademark attorney will handle all of your documentation and filing. For an affordable fee, our consultant expert will help you handle all your trademark filing processes and documentation without breaking a sweat so you can continue to grow your business while we focus on the technical side.

Once we have satisfied all the requirements and obtained basic information, we immediately start the filing process with due diligence confirming that your trademark does not infringe upon an existing trademark and is uniquely identifiable. After filing, the USPTO takes 12 to 18 months for approval of a trademark. We act as your representative in front of the registration authority.

The basic package at Trademark Royalty starts at $39 plus a government fee which is $399 fixed. The fee is charged per classification so if you want to register for more than one class, the government filing fee of $399 applies to each class for which you intend to get registered. We offer no hidden charges or fees and all the pricing is clearly stated in our packages.

The registered symbol is specifically used with the brand name once the trademark has been registered. Once you have successfully registered with the USPTO, you are eligible to use the ® symbol. However, if you have applied for a trademark registration process, you can use the ™ mark with your brand. It indicates that the trademark is pending registration.

Since we offer 100% client satisfaction, we always make sure that your trademark is successfully registered. Once you file with Trademark Royalty, we take the process thoroughly and make sure that your business is protected at all fronts from infringement.

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