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With Amazon Brand Registry, you can protect your intellectual property giving brand owners the power to have complete control over their brands. With Amazon Brand Registry, you can register your trademark with Amazon and gain early access to tools and new features on the free platform.

If you suspect infringement, you can also report it to the platform. With Trademark Royalty, you get the exclusive services of licensed attorneys having expertise in Amazon Brand Registry to get your brand under complete control.

Our Workflow

Fast, reliable and affordable Amazon brand registry services at your convenience. Amazon Brand Registry done to perfection with Trademark Royalty.


Your Amazon brand needs to be distinctive in order to get registered. We perform due diligence to ensure that your brand, listings and all other aspects are uniquely identifiable

Case Application Draft

We prepare a case application draft on your behalf to file your brand with Amazon Brand Registry. Once we complete the draft, we cross check it for ensuring all the details are correctly entered.


After thorough validation and checking of the application draft, we file it on your behalf with Amazon and legally represent you in this matter. After approval, you gain a filing number which enables your access to Amazon Brand Registry. The turnaround time for registry services is 1 to 2 weeks.


After successfully registering with Amazon Brand Registry, your trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of filing with you retaining the priority rights.

Improve Your Brand's Existence

The brand owners may write and edit the description of their items using the content creation option to appeal to as many potential customers as possible. It makes it your responsibility to use your brand and products to communicate in a variety of ways. Additionally, you may include photographs to enhance your offerings.

Brands which are sponsored

Create commercials that use your logo and a few memorable taglines to promote the presence of your brand.

Stores on Amazon

Get the chance to own a multi-page store that is completely free to use for large-scale brand marketing.

Amazon Brand Statistics

Track and report suspected infractions using our powerful search capabilities and simple, guided process.

Analytics for Amazon Brands

Make the most of the insightful data to guide your deductive conclusions. More in-depth information should be gathered about your customers, cash flows, and consumer behavior data reports.

Benefits of Brand Registration on Amazon

Stop other companies from copying your product listings.Your competitors won't be able to steal any of your product listings if you register your brand on Amazon. Any illegal efforts to steal your listings will be found and reported to Amazon right away by our team of specialists. They won't gain anything from your listings, not even money.

Increase Sales Exponentially With The New Amazon Features

Amazon registered brands have access to a variety of capabilities, including management, reporting, and search. Once your Amazon brand has been officially registered, your business's sales can grow. For all of our clients, we pledge to make the Amazon registry process quick and easy.

Accessibility Resources and Models for Advertising

All advertising models and resources are available to Amazon registered brands. Being featured in the Amazon search results will provide you an advantage and may double your chances of conversion.

Why Select Us
Protection of Brand

Our professionals are skilled in applying for trademarks and copyrights that totally safeguard a brand.

Reliable Entries

To provide accurate information to your consumers, it is critical to manage your product list correctly.

Brand protection that is proactive

Our automatic safeguards make use of data about your brand to effectively delete any suspected infringing or invalid content Do your utmost to eliminate any infringing or irrelevant information to protect the integrity of your brand. Implement strategies that help to safeguard and promote your brand. Use our efficient search tools in a stress-free, guided manner to make a record of any infringements you notice that seem suspicious for your company.


Nearly 6 billion faulty listings and several suspicious accounts have been detected and removed before they could be pushed in the business sector.


To provide accurate information to your consumers, it is critical to manage your product list correctly.


On average, companies are identifying and reporting 99% fewer alleged infractions since using the Amazon brand registry service.


In order to serve and respond to our cherished clients and handle any infringement concerns, our crew is ready around-the-clock, twenty-four hours a day.

Choose your plan

We accomodate a variety of different payment options. You can book a free meeting to learn more.



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