Privacy Policy

At Trademark Royalty, we are fully committed to safeguarding your privacy and upholding your privacy rights. We place great importance on protecting your personal data and information without compromise. Our privacy policy focuses specifically on the registration of trademarks and other trademark-related services recorded with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It is essential to note that this privacy policy applies exclusively to Trademark Royalty and does not extend to any other websites you may access through our website. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any other websites you visit, as each website's policies may differ from one another.

If you disagree with any aspect or part of the stated privacy policy, we strongly advise you to cease using the website both now and in the future. By accessing the website, you are acknowledging your agreement to the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and terms of use applicable to this website.

Trademark Data

The personal details and information about your trademark provided in the trademark application form submitted to the USPTO become part of the public record upon forwarding the application for registration. While these records are publicly accessible for inspection, certain documents are kept confidential by both us and the USPTO under a secrecy agreement. Our trademark search services utilize the integrated USPTO database to search for identical or similar trademarks, allowing us to identify ownership rights, intellectual property rights, and other relevant trademark information held by other parties. If you need to make any changes to your data, we recommend directly updating the information with the USPTO, as these changes will automatically be reflected in our search services. For inquiries about available services, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for a price quotation tailored to your desired service type.

Tracking Data and Information

In order to deliver a superior browsing experience, we collect non-identifiable, non-personal data from our users. This data is obtained through a combination of internal and third-party services, as well as through the use of cookie files. The information we track includes IP addresses, domain names/servers, operating system/computer details, browser data, and browsing behavior. We utilize this data for marketing purposes, aiming to enhance the overall website experience for our customers.

While browsing our website, you may come across advertisements placed by third-party advertisers, such as Alphabet Inc., for marketing purposes. These companies utilize various techniques like single-pixel gifs, cookies, or web beacons to track user activities on the website for web analytics purposes. It's important to note that the information collected is anonymous and cannot be personally identified. The data is securely stored and handled in accordance with the privacy policies of the respective third-party advertisers. We recommend reviewing their privacy policies for further information.

Personal Information

Trademark Royalty collects personal information from users that are accessing the website and using our trademark registration and other services being offered. The information is collected to provide an uninterrupted exchange of data and seamless operations. The information includes;

The information and details mentioned above are essential to be provided in order to accurately document comprehensive and complete information related to trademarking services offered by Trademark Royalty through our form and software program. In addition to the previously mentioned services, Trademark Royalty also utilizes universally trusted third-party services, such as Google API Services, YouTube API Services, Google Analytics Firebase, Sentry, and others. These services may collect personally identifiable information from you.

Please note that personal information becomes public once the filing is completed and is disclosed by the regulatory office or federal government authority. In the case of the USPTO, the trademark owner's name and trademark details are made available to the public for review by other potential trademark owners or the general public. The USPTO also makes the names and mailing addresses of trademark owners public. State laws may require the publication of fictitious business names and the trademark owner's name and address in a newspaper. It is important to understand that this privacy policy is exclusive to Trademark Royalty and does not govern or cover the actions of government agencies or any third parties unaffiliated with Trademark Royalty.

The demographic information along with traffic data is collected for improving the overall website for enhancing user experience. The generation of web analytics is also a critical part which shows the behavior and patterns of data of users and visitors that also help in the provision of a better website experience. The demographic data such as user’s area, unique IP visits, time of the visit and the frequent visit pages are part of the non-personal data and do not identify the users individually.

On the contrary, personal data such as name, contact number and email address collected can be used for marketing purposes. If Trademark Royalty has exclusive offerings, or new products/services launched in the market, the company might make use of the following information to promote new products and services to our frequent and regular users. This does not include the financial/billing information of customers which is highly sensitive and is always kept confidential as per the company’s privacy policy. The data is used for processing only financial transactions for the services availed/purchased by the user. It is guaranteed by Trademark Royalty as per the privacy policy that this data will not be sold, rented or shared with any external third-party service not affiliated with Trademark Royalty in any manner, which might be harmful to you and compromise your sensitive information.


Trademark Royalty places keen perseverance on the confidentiality of user’s personally identifiable information which includes potentially vulnerable data which might lead to financial harm for the users. We fully understand the nature of data and thus, the confidentiality principle is given adequate weightage and careful consideration so that none of the data that might affect the user personally is compromised. Trademark Royalty will only disclose information that is given proper written consent by the user, and no data is made public without consent. Please note that if Trademark Royalty has the legal obligation by the federal court, state laws or legal authorities to publicize the data by means of a court order, search warrant, and subpoena, then we abide by the law to follow the legal authorities for certain orders.

Monitoring of Website Areas

Trademark Royalty offers a community as an interactive platform for the users to meet other trademark owners for sharing and discussing their experiences. This includes message boards, chat rooms, forums and threats. We do not exclusively supervise the information shared on the platform unless otherwise, it goes against the company’s policy and terms of usage. Please note that in case of the user intentionally or unintentionally sharing their personally identifiable information on any such platform which might cause harm to the individuality of the customer, Trademark Royalty shall not be held liable for any damages caused as a result of sharing this information. Therefore, it is highly recommended to not share any individualized information on such public platforms that might compromise your security and cause financial or reputation harm to you or your business altogether.

Record Maintenance

Trademark Royalty maintains the records of its trademark users for 11 years. The reason for retaining the data for 11 years is basically for trademark renewal purposes. In case of the trademark owner wants to renew their trademark after the expiry period of 10 years, or update the existing information, it is convenient for Trademark Royalty as all the basic information is already available with us rather than repeating the entire process again for renewal or updating purposes. Please note that the user also has the option to allow us to retain or remove the data as per their will. In case of removal, the customer is required to inform the Trademark Royalty specialist exclusively that they do not want the retention of data, thus removing it from our servers permanently.

Personal Information Update

Trademark Royalty offers users to manually update their personal information on the website using the ‘My Account’ section on the website. By signing in to the profile and visiting the edit profile section, the users have the option to review and update their information, while also allowing them to review and know the status update of their pending and processed trademark filing applications. The customers can also initiate a new order request with Trademark Royalty using their profile and account section.

In any case, if the customer opts to have their personal information completely wiped off Trademark Royalty servers, and the USPTO website, the customer can choose the following ways to act upon;

Contacting the trademark office or authority with whom your data is registered and made public. The user can put forward a request with the trademark authority to remove the data from their database, thus also removing the trademark information from the search library. If you are based in the USA, you can contact USPTO through the following link: For this purpose, the customer can also contact us using the information on our contact us page: or write to us using the following email: [email protected] to remove the trademark owner’s information from the registry.

If you wish to have your data removed from the Trademark Royalty database, you can request us to either mask or delete your specific information from our publicly accessible database. To initiate this process, you need to submit a written request, which must include proof of ownership. The trademark owner should specify whether they want specific personal information masked or if they want the entire trademark page permanently deleted from You can also make this request by contacting us at [email protected]. We will respond promptly and take appropriate action within 48 hours of receiving your request.

Data Safety and Security Principles

When utilizing the services of Trademark Royalty, your personal data, as well as non-identifiable information, is received and stored on our secure servers. We want to assure you that our data servers are equipped with the latest technologies, encryption, and security measures to protect your data. To prevent unauthorized access to your information, we employ a comprehensive range of security mechanisms including physical, electronic, and managerial safeguards. Additionally, when exchanging billing information, we utilize encrypted servers to ensure the safety of your payments while we partner with trusted partners such as Stripe for secure payments. Confidential documents are securely delivered either through express mail or email, further ensuring their safety.


Automatic Data Collection

Trademark Royalty’s website is programmed to collect visitors’ data automatically through internal servers and software which includes non-personal data such as IP address, browser information, operating system information, language preference, cookies etc. Any form of personal data is not collected automatically until you choose to give the data to us willingly. The non-personal data help in the compilation of data for web analytics that helps us make better decisions for providing the best website experience to the user.


Trademark Royalty employs cookies for collecting non-personal information from users through the access and usage of the website. Cookies are small text files sent to user’s computers and mobile devices for collecting non-identifiable user data including browsers, applications, devices and third-party websites.

Personal Data Usage

Trademark Royalty collects personal data for a few specific purposes. The data is used to verify the user’s identity and carry out the transaction. The data is also used to remind the users regarding renewals, new product offerings, approaching deadlines, and giving notifications etc. related to our services. It can also be used to notify the users regarding changes in the privacy policy which is done through email or the website directly. As previously stated, the information is not compromised in any way that might make the user vulnerable. The data will not be shared with any external third-party source except as stated by the law or the provision of a better website experience to the user.

User’s Choice for Data Collection

The user is free to provide or not to provide their personal information to Trademark Royalty through our website. Without allowing Trademark Royalty the access to user’s data, the user can access and surf the website and visit all the pages. However, the user will not be able to process any order with Trademark Royalty without providing any personal information to us. You also always have the option to unsubscribe to our newsletter services to stop receiving any further updates and promotional offerings from Trademark Royalty.

Third-Party Links

Trademark Royalty may or may not contain links to other third-party websites. Please be aware that the websites mentioned may or may not be affiliated with us. We do not assume any responsibility or obligation for the content, privacy policy, practices, and mechanisms employed by these third-party websites. If you choose to visit any of these websites, please note that Trademark Royalty is not responsible for their privacy policies. It is highly advisable to review the privacy policy of each website separately to protect yourself from any potential harm or malicious activity. By accessing these websites, you acknowledge and agree that you understand and comply with the privacy policy stated on each respective website.

Lost/Stolen Data

Trademark Royalty utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and current techniques to safeguard your personally identifiable data and prevent any loss, theft, or compromise. However, it is important to note that Trademark Royalty will not be held liable for any losses resulting from the loss, mishandling, alteration, destruction, or misuse of data.


In case of disagreement or confusion related to any point in the privacy policy, please contact us through the details provided on the contact us page or you can directly write to [email protected] for an appropriate answer to your query and our team will get back to you promptly.