Comprehensive Trademark Search

Search through Trademark Loyalty Library for Comprehensive Search

Trademark Royalty offers a comprehensive trademark search through our large database. Before filing, make sure that your trademark is uniquely identifiable. Search for possible conflicts regarding trademark registration and if someone is trying to register a trademark similar to you.

Search through the database to find out whether you want to reconsider your trademark idea. Trademark Royalty fulfils all your trademark research needs in one place.

Our Workflow

Before filing your trademark, make sure that it does not infringe upon other trademarks causing problems to your trademark registration process. Search our trademark library for comprehensive search.

Initial Information

Begin with providing basic information about your trademark and all the related elements. You can also consult with our expert to know what information is required by Trademark Royalty to start the process.

Case Compilation

After you’ve provided us with all the basic information about your trademark, our expert trademark lawyers compile your case to begin the process.

Service Selection and Payment

Once we are done with all the requirements, select your preferred plan and payment method to start the comprehensive trademark search process starting from $150.


We start the comprehensive searching process to save you from any infringement and your money from being wasted on filing a trademark already owned by someone else.

Comprehensive Trademark Search
The Workings

A Simple Registration Process to Safeguard Your Company name

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Fill out the form to begin the process of registering your trademark with us, and you may have it done in a matter of minutes.

Get Your Application in Order

To make sure the trademark is distinctive and not already in use, we perform extensive research before compiling your brand registration procedure.

Application Form

Our agents will submit the finished trademark application to the USPTO and the completed applications for copyright registration to the US Copyright Office.

How To Ensure A Strong Trademark?

For young and beginning businesses in particular, thorough trademark research is strongly advised. We do thorough research on your mark before moving on with the additional procedures for the official registration of your brand or intellectual property. Our thorough investigation enables you to make the necessary corrections and guarantee that no one else is using your company brand in the corporate sector. Practically speaking, we assist you save enough time and money by doing this. Due to the fact that USPTO filing costs are non-refundable, we are severe about pre-checking your trademark.

The Reason Why Trademark Research Is Essential

When filing an application for a logo or brand name registration, the trademark owner's legal name and entity type must be provided in order to prevent future legal issues. Generic terms, phrases, or slogans should not be utilized as the trademark as they are more likely to be disregarded. Additionally, it must not infringe upon a trademark that has already been registered or sought for. If you don't have the person's specific permission, your trademark should not use their name, signature, or likeness.

Services For Trademarks And Copyrights That Are Efficient And Reasonably Priced
Priority Processing for $49.

(Last working day) We will begin the procedure right away and deliver it to you for approval by the end of the next business day. This service is appropriate for people who require a little bit of extra time for their trademark filing. Although we'll give your submission first attention, there's no guarantee that the US Copyright Office will act on it or get back to you immediately away.

Choose your plan

We accomodate a variety of different payment options. You can book a free meeting to learn more.

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    Trademark search

    The federal search provides any similar names, logos, or slogans that are registered or pending with the USPTO.

    State Search

    The state search does the same for all 50 states.

    Detailed online report

    Identifies any matches with all the information you need to strategize your next step.

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    Includes the information from the Federal and State Search, and also includes:
    Corporate name search

    We run a search for all corporate and other business entity names in all 50 states.

    Corporate Directories

    We search the corporate directories for listing of others who might be using your name.

    Common law

    Proprietary internet searches reveal the use of your name that may be protected by common law trademarks.

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    Global search

    We search for pending and registered marks in these multi-national jurisdictions:

    Domain names

    The European community

    Domain names

    World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

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With Trademark Royalty, we have registered many trademarks for our various businesses, and they have always performed admirably. I'm glad they've been here from the beginning.

Josef Fallesen

In order to register our trademark with the USPTO, we contacted Trademark Royalty. We weren't let down by them. The entire process was quick and painless. received our trademark on schedule.

Oliver Henry

We have always count on on Trademark Royalty to help us register our works with the USCO. They have always delivered and I am grateful for it.

Evelyn Grace

Without delay, the very skilled team at Trademark Royalty submitted our artist's project for USCO registration. They didn't let us down at all.

Miriam Casey

The best decision we've ever made was to hire Trademark Royalty to assist us in selecting the ideal formation strategy for our small business.

Ethel Olson

We received a variety of formation alternatives from the Trademark Royalty team, which helped our new company get off to a successful start. I have no words to adequately express my gratitude to them.

Alex Cary

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