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Trademark Royalty is a trademark registration firm that helps businesses form companies. We are affiliated with a team of legal and licensed experts providing company formation services from entity selection and formation to licensing and financing.

Trademark Royalty can help you to choose the right type of company for your business and to form your company in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We can also help you to obtain the necessary licenses and permits and to secure financing for your business.

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  • Make sure you're not liable for any business debts.
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    For potential savings you get to decide whether you're are taxed as a LLC or a Corporation

Our Workflow

We follow a dedicated process for company formation for hassle-free set up of your business.

Initial Information

Fill out your initial information about your company and provide all the necessary details to move ahead with company formation.

Business Structure Choice

Select the business structure for which you want the company to be registered. You can form a limited liability company (LLC), C corporation or S corporation.


Our team of experts help you to file for company formation as your legal representative. We prepare your case for all the possible scenarios and compile all the legal documents on your behalf. Register today starting from $200.


Once we have attained all the prerequisites, our specialized licensed attorney will submit your application Secretary of State office based upon your location.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is currently regarded as one of the most important corporate forms for smaller businesses for a variety of reasons. LLC compare to other organization is less expensive to form than others and it is also simpler to run.

Do C Corps and S Corps offer LLC to the individuals?

The majority of the time, LLC is offered to business owners by C Corps and S Corps.

Is the LLC accountable to federal income tax?

LLC is exempt from federal income tax. The LLC is eligible for "pass-through" taxation, which means that the income taxes paid by the firm are shown on each owner's tax return rather than at the level of the corporation.


A C Corporation is recognized for being a corporate entity set up and organized at the federal level. One of the many methods to legally distinguish between the official and regulatory justification and the tax business. Comparing this corporation to other common business forms like Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), S Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, and others, it is a unique way to create ownership of a company.

Why a C Corp is termed as a distinct legal entity?

Some of the company's income may be distributed to shareholders as bonuses by the C Corporation. Due to the fact that a C Corp is a separate legal entity, the business obligations are distinct from those of the directors, investors, and shareholders.


There is nothing better than see your start-ups develop into established company over time. However, the tax rate also tends to increase as your business expands.

Why S- Corporation is convenient in the tax season?

Rapidly growing businesses have several challenges throughout tax seasons. It is more urgent now that they must create a S Corporation. In terms of small firms, this entity proves to be quite useful to them throughout tax season.

Non-Profit Corporation

Profit generation alone is not the only goal of a non-profit corporation. Like the LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp, it operates differently. By sharing the profits with the employed people, this business's sole purpose is to help them. The stockholders receive no distribution of any kind.

Do Non-Profit Corporation pay the monthly wages of the employees?

The Non-Profit Corporation is mostly used to pay the monthly salaries of the corporation's workers.

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In order to register our trademark with the USPTO, we contacted Trademark Royalty. We weren't let down by them. The entire process was quick and painless. received our trademark on schedule.

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We have always count on on Trademark Royalty to help us register our works with the USCO. They have always delivered and I am grateful for it.

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Without delay, the very skilled team at Trademark Royalty submitted our artist's project for USCO registration. They didn't let us down at all.

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The best decision we've ever made was to hire Trademark Royalty to assist us in selecting the ideal formation strategy for our small business.

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We received a variety of formation alternatives from the Trademark Royalty team, which helped our new company get off to a successful start. I have no words to adequately express my gratitude to them.

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